My husband has a hangover.

My husband is ill, really poorly bless his heart. He has the hangover from hell. My husband never gets hangovers, so this is quite a shock for him. I feel it may be that since I have stopped drinking, he has cut down massively. Although this is a good thing, I fear he doesn’t feel it has served him well today.

And I can’t lie, I feel a bit smug. My last hangover was on the 21st of June this year. I can barely remember how it feels so today, my husband is being observed like some kind of science experiment. He woke up much later than normal and after proclaiming he felt, ‘fine actually’ he quickly went downhill. He found it difficult to get out of bed and there was no way he was doing the school run today. He has calls all day with work and I can see him wince at the very idea. I think he wants to cry.

We took the dogs for a walk as I hoped the fresh air would help. Who knew that picking up dog poo could have such a reaction from someone who was hungover? I admit I did giggle. I have never seen my husband so downcast, even when Arsenal lose, he looks more chipper than he does today. He admits he just wants to get back to bed, the fact that this is not possible pains him greatly.

He can’t eat, but he’s hungry, he is cold and can’t get warm, everything is a chore and apparently, he is never drinking again. I get him a sports drink and ibuprofen and sympathise with him because hangovers are vile and luckily not something I ever have to deal with again if I stick to the track I am on.

My hangovers were not ever as clean-cut as the one my husband is going through right now. Added to all of the symptoms above, you would need to add, massive anxiety( to the point of feeling like someone was sitting on my chest), massive self-hatred, shame and guilt. I am so grateful I no longer put myself through that.

To be honest, this is what is keeping me dry right now. I might see a pretty drink and feel cross that I can’t drink it, but I now pay it forward in my mind. Would it be just that one drink though? (of course not). Would I make a tit of myself? (most likely) and would my hangover be so hideous I would be incapacitated for the next two days? (definitely).

I will carry on being a little bit smug today and enjoy giving him sympathetic and knowing smiles. Because quite frankly I deserve to feel a bit smug, it’s Christmas and I am hangover free every day. Also, the drink made him snore last night so he’s not getting too much sympathy 😉

Much love,

B xx

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