Sober nights away- child free weekends without alcohol

Last night my husband and I had a rare child-free night away. We’ve had a lovely relaxing time and I’ve really enjoyed the break.

What no alcohol?

Although I was very much looking forward to our break, at the back of my mind my old addicted brain was sending me messages. Isn’t the whole point of us getting away without the kids that we use that time to overindulge in alcohol? Is there really any point in wasting money on a hotel if I am not going to be spending the time with a glass of wine in my hand?

What is the point of a break from the kids if you can’t get shitfaced?

When I think about our child-free breaks away, they were almost always tinged with embarrassment. As soon as we arrived we would start drinking alcohol. It would then carry on until we fell asleep, I rarely made it to breakfast on these breaks. Too hungover and too ashamed.

What on earth will we do if we don’t drink alcohol?

I have to admit I had a slight panic yesterday, it was freezing so I didn’t want to leave the hotel. But what was there to do if we didn’t drink? In the past, I would have drank wine after wine in front of the fire. Then more wine with dinner, and go to bed where I would pass out. We may have even had a drink fueled argument as we were drunk. Then of course the 4am anxiety wake up would happen. I would feel shame, guilt and worry. I would be horrified that this lovely break had been tarnished due to me drinking too much.

Instead. We relaxed in a beautiful room ( the hotel is over 600 years old) I drank lime and soda and we chatted and enjoyed the silence. it was perfect. There is a feeling of great peace in not wondering when would be acceptable to order another drink, wondering if you are drinking too fast, willing your partner to hurry up so you can order another. Instead, we could just be and it was wonderful, so much better than what I used to have.

Surprisingly, the time that I had worried about filling seemed to fly by. We ate in the hotel restaurant and honestly, we had the best laugh that we have had in ages. Drinking does not make me funny and interesting as I had previously believed, we can have fun and be funny without it. If I had been drinking yesterday, by the time we had sat down for our meal, I would have been slightly drunk and would have become progressively drunker as the meal went on. Which probably would have resulted in me feeling tired and wanting to go to bed as soon as possible.

The morning after the night before

During breakfast, I ordered an orange juice and suddenly I had a flashback to breakfasts from the past ( on the rare occasion that I managed to turn up). I remembered absolutely guzzling the orange juice down, praying the vitamin C and the sugar would somehow ease my pounding head and stop me from throwing up. I would try and force the breakfast down too, again in the hope that it would make me feel better. It never did and I never managed to eat much of it either.

This time, we had a leisurely breakfast which we enjoyed, we then had a little wander around town before we came home. We arrived home relaxed and refreshed, instead of hungover and praying for bedtime!

Another sober experience off my tick list

In conclusion, I can confirm that 1) sober childfree weekends are indeed doable and 2) they are so much better than the alternative.

Much love,

B xx

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