Happy International Women’s Day – thankful for my sober sisters

Today is international women’s day, a day to celebrate women. I for one would like to celebrate my sober sisters. It’s not easy to admit to having an issue with alcohol whoever you are. But for women, there is another level of judgment, Mothers, Wives, Grandmothers shouldn’t be getting drunk or wasted. It isn’t responsible or ladylike. There is a definite extra layer of judgment for women with alcohol issues, each and every one of my sisters who stands up and admits that they need help should be commended.

I know for certain that without the wonderful, inspiring, caring women I have met on my sobriety journey, I would not feel as strong in my sobriety today. They have supported me, they have picked me up when I have felt down and they have believed in me.

In general, it isn’t a secret that women can be extremely competitive with one another, pitched against one another at every turn. I have not found this in sobriety. I have found that we all have the same goal, if one relapses then it hurts us all.

In some ways we are lucky. Although no one would wish addiction on anyone, by joining the sober community I have found friends with a bond and connection I would not have in any other area of life. I am extremely grateful for the women that sobriety has brought into my life.

Happy International Women’s day to my sober sisters, you rock!

Much love,

B xx

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