Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? It’s certainly not for financial gain or fame! There are two reasons.

Reason one

I was a grey area drinker. Therefore I was forever googling and trying to find drinkers like me. I craved other peoples stories. I would scour sober websites looking for stories that I could identify with. And when I did, I was elated. It’s so good to see in writing something you have done or felt. It’s a nod to the fact you are not alone.

I often found blogs that would start well then disappear. And I relied on books and quit lit. But when I found articles that I could read quickly and on the go that I identified with. It was such a positive thing for me. If any of my posts help anyone at all, even one person, then my intention of this blog has been met 🙏🏻

Reason two

Secondly, I really enjoy writing. While drinking I couldn’t be bothered to write anymore. But now it’s a real treat for me to spend time at the keyboard again. It’s extremely cathartic for me, so this blog is also very much for me.

It’s simple really, if you like my blog, please share with anyone you think it may help.

Much love,

B xxx